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Live-action feature based on the video game "King of Fighters".
Two of three powerful artifacts allow Rugal Bernstein, a man of evil intent, to enter and control an alternate dimension where gamers have been entering into martial arts combat for fun. From there, he awaits adversaries, killing them rather than defeating them so that he alone will remain as The King of Fighters. As Rugal possesses lesbian lovers Vice and Mature to aid him, undercover CIA agent Mai Shiranui teams up with Iori Yagami and Kyo Kusanagi to stop him before he can unleash a dread spirit named Orochi upon Mankind.
There are some movies that if you are fan of what is about to be told in that movie, you can say &quot;errr.. It&#39;s a bad movie i know but what can i do? i love this cartoon/anime/video game etc.&quot; <br/><br/>i have been playing KoF games more than 11 years but i have never imagined that a movie about this game would be so painful to me. It was total agony. All the characters obviously have been killed by the script writers. Cast is dead. There is a soundtrack in the movie but believe me, if the movie would be a movie without soundtrack no one would argue that.<br/><br/>Everything was &#39;so&#39; awful in this movie that i couldn&#39;t believe this movie took rating more than 2. <br/><br/>Total mediocre. Pain. Agony. Disaster. Catastrophic. <br/><br/>0/10
Please don&#39;t waste your time watching this movie!! Its horrific to see how low budget movie production houses and poor unprofessional directors try to make a movie from a franchise and twist the original characters and story and fan support into a pathetic show of a movie which is nothing but a complete joke.<br/><br/>I mean I was speechless once I was able to finish this movie after keeping myself in the chair in hope that the director would come up with something better. But Alas, it was the same joke again n again.<br/><br/>You could tell at every step of the movie that its a low budget movie with directions so horrible that the actors are stiff, dialogues not in place, the tiny bit of special effects being forwarded to make it faster. Like for gods sake, you couldn&#39;t make the Orochi ball into a little bit better display??? If you can&#39;t make a good movie, then please don&#39;t screw up the original story board and the KOF name.<br/><br/>Anyone with the slightest taste in movies should stay a million miles away from this movie. The whole production house and director should be ashamed of what they have done. Me, a proud fan of KOF, disgusted beyond saying to see this movie.

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